Jo Pollux

Jo Pollux is a queer femme photographer and filmaker focusing on the investigations of desire, kink, storytelling and fantasy. Her unique visual expression started to take shape when she lived in Paris where she met a group of artists who inspired her. She studied at Arts and Communication at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna before moving to Berlin, where she currently resides and takes inspiration from the stories between the walls of the city.

Rayh Castor

Rayh Castor is exploring the relationship and connection between human and nature. Her inspiration has developed in her many years of traveling, where she has rebuilt a deep, spiritual connection to nature. Interacting and exploring ways to communicate with nature can reconnect us to our inner core, heal and grow spiritually.

Lupine, my Love.

An ecosexual romance. This is a queered fairytale between Lupines- a polymorphic plant, simultaneously phallic and vulvic, and their human lovers.