HYENAZ create techno soundscapes, performative installations by shapeshifting field recordings they gathered everywhere from refugee camps to amphibian habitats. These works asks the question: What happens when the body becomes a foreign object, an unknown territory even to itself, a thing to be feared, managed even annihilated? Electro superstar Peaches called HYENAZ a “performance monster duo” in The Guardian. They have performed twice at Berlin’s world famous techno mansion Berghain as part of Your Moms Agency’s Digital Art Meets Music series and have been energetically touring the world, from SXSW to the MIDI Festival Shanghai; from techno festival Garbicz to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. It was at the latter institution that HYENAZ made their theater debut, producing the sound and movement intervention Spectral Rite with the visual artists Sylbee Kim and Nico Pelzer.

Explores how bodies negotiate and transform in relation to their distance through improvisational movement and the engagement of performance as a site of praxis. It investigates how proximity can influence grievability, acting or failing to act as a politically and emotionally binding force of care, and it explores the power of skin contact.