Sally Fenaux

Sally Fenaux Barleycorn has been working in film since 2009. She premiered her first shortfilm “Skinhearts” in Amsterdam (NL) in 2015. Since then, she has directed music videos and various types of visual material as well as four more fiction shortfilms, of which “Touch Crimes” and “Tinder Taxi” were done for Erika Lust Films. She recently premiered “Unburied”, an audiovisual piece commissioned by the Festival of Arts and Activism in London. Her favorite genre is science fiction as a generator of metaphors that enable the analysis of our own societies.

What if you could never touch anyone again? What would happen if you developed a fear of touch? What if society became so impersonal, without a face, untouchable, that avoiding all physical contact would be the correct thing to do, or even the only legal way for human interaction? Zoë lives in this society and has hopes to find what has been missing in her life as she joins the Skinhearts. They hide and deal to be able to come in contact with human skin. But will this most radical act turn out to be the solution to her need for physical contact?