Rocío Álvarez

Rocío Álvarez graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Politécnica in Valencia with a major in Painting. The following years she took part in many exhibitions and Painting and Illustration competitions, but also street art installations. She then decided to study Animation in the French school La Poudrière in Valence, where she directed the shortfilm Écart de conduite, selected for the Cartoon d'Or Prize in 2013. She’s been living in Brussels for the past four years and just completed her film Simbiosis Carnal, produced by the studio Zorobabel. Aside from her work as a director, she freelances in various animation and illustration projects, many of which are for the Coop museum in Brussels or for France Musique’s website through animated gifs. In her artistic decisions, she favors mixing techniques and experimentation in order to make every new project a challenging one. www.rocioalvarez.net
Simbiosis Carnal

A frenzied and poetic voyage through the history and evolution of desire and sexuality, since the first unicelular being all the way to humans and our hypersexual society. This piece is loaded with moral wars and misogyny, made with a feminist point of view and a climactic ending.