Ian de la Rosa

Winner of an award in Cannes with the final short film of Degree "Victor xx". He developed a television fiction series for Movistar +. He is currently writing his first feature film and preparing his next short film "Farruca." He is also an interpreter in the play "Trans (més enllà)"; co-producer of the documentary "because salt"; and co-coordinator of the Space in Performing Arts Trans, Queer and No Binarie, De-buT * in the Beckett Room in Barcelona.
Victor XX

Victor likes to play with his gender, he doesn't know if he feels like a girl or a boy. He lives in a small fishing village in Almeria with his mother, Mari Angeles and his girlfriend Rahma and is in the city, covered with anonymity, where he discovers. But the secrets do not last forever and Victor will have to deal with his mother and Rahma to defend the true image that the mirror returns.